R. Morgan Stories

fantasy, death, and dreams

The Child

When a strange woman arrives at his daughter's grave, Marcus takes a journey through the mystical dangers of the forest to hush the spirit of a crying child.

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Immortals – part 3

For a hundred years, Harold has been a private investigator. He thought nothing could surprise him anymore, until he meets Akira who wants help in order to find her parents’ killer and solve the mystery behind their immortality.

The Hallows – Part 1

Not a cult. Not a sorority. Just five witches trying to avoid getting killed by an ancient force. You know, normal stuff.

The Guardians – Part 1

Two strangers find themselves tied to a mythical book

Man vs. Self – A Guide to Writing Internal Conflict

A psychological point of view to writing internal struggles

Mythology Chapter 2

Four friends discover not everything's so normal, or human, in their lives. Chapter 2

Legend of the Realms – Chapter 6

A princess must try to end an age-old war to try to keep her kingdom together. Chapter 6


A first date takes an unexpected turn.

Legend of the Realms Chapter 5

When the war tearing apart Sphene's land is about to reach its end, the princess must take part in it to try to save what's left of her kingdom. Chapter 5

Mythology Chapter 1

Puck didn't know why he wasn't like his parents. Nanna didn´t know why she was much stronger than other girls. Kenton didn't know why he couldn't seem to drown. Clair knew why she could only see in her dreams. No one knew of the threat looming over London. They know they could be the only shot at stopping it.

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