The blood dripped from the woman’s chest into the black water. Her blue eyes stared opened into the darkness, still life fleeing from them. Kane held the camera up to her eyes as she leaned over her woman. The red was enhanced in the screen. Kane looked around before turning on the flash. In 1888, nobody would expect to see a flash. She didn’t see anyone. She turned on the flash and continued taking shots of the murder.

Kane stopped the moment a shadow fell upon her. She hid her camera inside her red jacket and stood up. A man looked at her through the darkness. “What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Who are you?” Kane asked.

“Police officer.” He replied, “May I know what you’re doing alone with a body dressed as such?”

Kane looked down at herself. Her red jacket and jeans were completely out of place. She didn’t think anyone would have seen her. But given her attire and the woman in front of her, she couldn’t blame the man for his questions. “It’s not what you think.” She smiled.

“Alright, explain.”

Kane nodded. She swung her camera from under her jacket and pressed the flash.

the light blinding stabbed into the man’s eyes and blinded him for a moment. She ran out of the alley and into the darkness. The man ran behind her shadow. She took off her coat without stopping. A long, metal board was attached to her left arm. She ran her fingers through the metal.  A green sixty appeared on the metal. She pressed her palm over the numbers. The watch began to count down.

She tied her jacket to her waist and jumped onto a large box and over to the tile ceiling of a house. The man jumped behind her. She jumped rom ledge to ledge, she ran and he chased, not slowing down for even a second.  She stopped on a ledge as she ran out of houses. She grabbed on to the side of the house and looked back at the man. She looked down at her arm. Ten seconds left. “Don’t move.” He yelled, “Step away from the edge.”

“It’s not something you’re meant to understand.” She sighed. She let go of the edge and fell back. The counter hit zero and white light flashed from it.

But the light disappeared and she was still falling. Kane couldn´t breathe, thinking she had made a fatal mistake. Her heartbeat deafened her. A blur swooshed past her. Two arms wrapped themselves around her and caught her before she hit the ground. Kane wrapped her arms around the man. She tried to steady her breath. “How did you do that?” she asked.

“Why did you jump off?” he exclaimed, “And what’s that thing on your arm?”

“How did you catch me?” she insisted. “Put me down.” The man let her onto her feet and grabbed her wrist.

“You’re coming with me.” he ordered. Kane snapped her wrist back and threw a punch at the man, but he blocked it without much effort. She grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back, the grasp cutting into his skin. He ran back and slammed her into a wall. Pain ran through her skin. She gritted her teeth. Kane pushed against the wall with her feet, her blood boiling hot. She threw her arm at his throat choked him.

The man tried to prey her grasp away but there was something about it that made it too strong for him. Kane hissed, “I´ve met people who are as close to demons as they come. I´ve handled myself with murderers and serial killers. If you think a single man can take me down, you are wrong.” She let go of the man and walked away. Without a sound, the man pulled out a gun and hit her in the back of the neck. Kane didn’t have time to react. She fell to the ground unconscious. The man picked her up and took her away.