Melissa’s cheeks were red like roses. Her teeth chattered inside her mouth. Her hair was covered in a light layer of snowflakes. She pulled on her coat as she forced her way through the snow. Her knees shook under the weight of her clothes. The air stabbed her face like knifes. She leaned on a pine until the wind stopped. She slid down the rough bark. Her eyes squinting at the sun. She urged her legs to stand up, her feet to move, her body to do something but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to move anymore. She laid down on the snow. The coldness hit her face but she didn’t mind it. Melissa knew there was no way out of the forest. She closed her eyes and let herself sink into the coldness.

A bone chilling scream awoke her. She jumped up. Cold shivers ran through her body. The scream echoed again. It was pleading for help. Melissa didn’t think. Something was pulling her. She wasn’t sure if it was fear or bravery but she didn’t care. She stood up and ran to the screams.

The wind was sharp like a blade but it didn’t hurt her anymore. She had to find the voice. Snow pounded against her feet lightly like pillows. The cries for help continued as she forced herself to keep running. The cries got louder. Melissa followed her until the ground disappeared in front of her.

Snow turned into ice. She stood on the edge of a frozen waterfall. She leaned in. A young boy grasped onto the edge with his bare hands. She could see blood on his fingers. He could barely keep himself hanging there. At the bottom of the waterfall, the ice was thin like glass.

Melissa placed her foot on the ice. It creaked at her weight but it did not seem to break. She placed her other foot on the ice and stood still a moment. The ice shook. She pressed her hands against the ice and knelt down. The cold dug through her clothes and onto her skin. She gritted her teeth as she pushed herself onto the ledge.

The boy’s hands were slipping. Melissa grasped onto the edge and let her arm reach down. The boy looked up, his body shivering. He breathed in and let go. Melissa caught his arm, the weight pulling on her. She heard a crack and her body went cold. She looked at her knees. Cracks were forming.

She pulled on the boy as the cracks grew. She had to get out of there. The boy climbed onto the ledge. Melissa grabbed his hand as they pushed themselves to the edge of the river. She touched snow and pulled herself onto the ground.

The two collapsed ono the snow, gasping for air. Melissa heard the ice break with a screeching sound. She shivered. “Thanks,” the boy gasped.

Melissa turned to see him. “How did you get down there?” Melissa asked.

“I was hiking and I slipped,” He explained, “I rolled down and I couldn’t stop myself. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Melissa replied, “What’s your name?”

“Drake, yours?”


“Melissa,” he repeated, “What are you doing here?”

“I got lost.” She replied. “I’ve been walking for hours.”

“I got lost too.” Drake confessed, “I’m glad somebody found me.”

“I am glad too.” She smiled.