R. Morgan Stories

fantasy, death, and dreams


short story


Jelly is a family tradition



A first date takes an unexpected turn.

An Encounter with the Sleeping Beauty

When a woman steps into the waiting room, Donovan has an unexpected conversation with her.


A girl's experience of the aftermath


When a woman falls in love with a flame, she'll do anything to keep it alive.

Freud and the Virgin

Ada has been waiting for years and she has finally chosen to lose her virginity. Yet two of her friends have very strong opinions about it.


Everything was quiet and frightfully still. The lights of the buildings died out behind me. There was only darkness and an empty unknown street. My skin was cold like death. My body shivered. My heart was at my throat. I... Continue Reading →

The Shore

He was a friend. Well, not really. An acquaintance is more like it. I only met him once but that one time was enough to mark me. It was dark. Cold. I had my flashlight strapped onto my side but... Continue Reading →

Messages in a Bottle

Dearest girl, I hear you on the dock every sunset. You stand by the edge and lean into the rail just enough so that I can see your reflection. Your eyes stare intently into the water, searching for something. You... Continue Reading →

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