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fantasy, death, and dreams


short story

The Child

When a strange woman arrives at his daughter's grave, Marcus takes a journey through the mystical dangers of the forest to hush the spirit of a crying child.

The Child – Part 5

As the sun came out, Marcus followed the sound. He had never heard the cry of the child with such clarity. He had grown used to the stillness of the forest. The quiet that had accompanied him through the trees... Continue Reading →

The Pianist

Dante pressed his finger against the piano key. The sound echoed in the silence. He looked to the door. No one was coming. He was finally alone. He couldn’t keep his heart from racing. He wasn’t supposed to use the... Continue Reading →

Old Friends

Andrew woke up with a nudge on his arm. His first instinct was to touch his wallet. Gone, like always. He gritted his teeth and rubbed his eyes. “Andrew?” A woman asked. “What the fuck do you want?” He muttered,... Continue Reading →

The Other Side Coffeehouse

“Welcome to The Other Side Coffeehouse!” Ferdinand exclaimed, “May I take your order?” The girl jumped back at the sound of his voice. She looked around the shop for a moment. Ferdinand raised an eyebrow, “Miss, your order?” She shook... Continue Reading →

New York Nights

Three vignettes of the nights I remember the most in New York


Warning - Adult Content "It was a Monday night that Emma poured herself a glass of wine. Her hands were beginning to crack from the dish soap that had become a second skin to them..."

Pandora’s Box

Pandora listened to the silence as it filled up the room. Curiosity drove her. Her fingers trembled as she took a step forward. The wooden floors creaked under her foot. With every step, the air grew colder. She passed her... Continue Reading →

Dance With Me

“Dance with me and pretend the world doesn’t exist,” he pleaded. And after that, there was no going back. She took his hand and let him lead through the crowd and into the dance floor. Her jacket smelled like cigarettes... Continue Reading →

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