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fantasy, death, and dreams

The Child – Part 4

Marcus couldn’t see a thing beyond the light of the fire Fatima had set. She held dried leaves over the flame and let them fall into it. Marcus could barely keep himself awake. Only the pain of his cut fingers kept him from falling asleep. He watched Fatima feed the fire. “You keep surprising me,” he muttered. Fatima turned to look at him for an instant before returning her sight to the fire. “What happened after I fell?”

The Pianist

Dante pressed his finger against the piano key. The sound echoed in the silence. He looked to the door. No one was coming. He was finally alone. He couldn’t keep his heart from racing. He wasn’t supposed to use the... Continue Reading →

The Child – Part 3

Daylight crawled through the branches and onto the grass. Marcus opened his eyes but he didn’t sit up. He was too tired to move. He stared at Fatima as the light fell over her. He hadn’t gotten a chance to look at her so closely. She had a soft face that resembled the one of a child, but with bags under her eyes that aged her terribly. Her skin seemed to be covered by a soft layer of fog. Her eyes were fixed in the trees of the forest.

Old Friends

Andrew woke up with a nudge on his arm. His first instinct was to touch his wallet. Gone, like always. He gritted his teeth and rubbed his eyes. “Andrew?” A woman asked. “What the fuck do you want?” He muttered,... Continue Reading →

Amber – excerpt from Island of the Broken Dolls

Warning - Adult themes Nicol Truss ran away from home two weeks ago and for the first times, she meets a friendly face.

The Child – Part 2

Read part 1 here Marcus had grown tired of walking in circles through the forest. The patterns of the leaves seemed to repeat themselves throughout the floor. The bright green color had begun taking its toll on his eyes. They... Continue Reading →

Legend of The Realms Chapter 1

1 Sphene watched the flames from the fireplace dance and swore she could feel them kissing her skin. She shivered at the wind that ran through the room, but would not dare get closer. She preferred to keep her distance.... Continue Reading →

The Other Side Coffeehouse

“Welcome to The Other Side Coffeehouse!” Ferdinand exclaimed, “May I take your order?” The girl jumped back at the sound of his voice. She looked around the shop for a moment. Ferdinand raised an eyebrow, “Miss, your order?” She shook... Continue Reading →

La Tierra y El Sol

El Sol y La Tierra alguna vez fueron amantes. El Sol amaba a La Tierra. Miraba a La Tierra día tras día. Veía como giraba y bailaba en frente de las estrellas. Amaba el verde de su cabello y el... Continue Reading →

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