R. Morgan Stories

fantasy, death, and dreams

An Encounter with the Sleeping Beauty

When a woman steps into the waiting room, Donovan has an unexpected conversation with her.



Cuando volteó, lo único que vio fue el polvo levantarse afuera de su ventana y vidrio colorado cubriendo el piso. Sus manos temblaban. Apenas si podía sentir sus piernas. Pasos corrían bajando las escaleras. Los ladridos de perros resonaban en... Continue Reading →


A girl's experience of the aftermath

Querido Tec…

Dejé Nueva York año y medio antes de graduarme de preparatoria y me vine a México. Dejé atrás a amigas que amo y a una escuela que adoro. Por mucho tiempo extrañé tanto a Nueva York que no me permitía... Continue Reading →

Legend of the Realms Chapter Three

Books fell on the table and woke Sphene up. She jolted up and brushed her tangled hair away from her face. The orange light of the sun flooded the library. Josut leaned over a pile of books, “When I told you to take one of these books to bed, I didn’t mean for you to sleep in the library.” She rubbed her eyes, “I didn’t realize how late it was.” “Did you eat last night?” He asked. She shook her head. “Of course, you didn’t. Come on, I can’t let you leave like this.” He stood up and held out a hand for Sphene. She took it and followed him. It was only during early mornings that Sphene realized how massive her castle was. Every step she took through the hallways weighed on her. Servants passed by her as they carried buckets of water and fabric from room to room. She might have been leaving that afternoon, but all chores seemed to go uninterrupted.


When a woman falls in love with a flame, she'll do anything to keep it alive.

Freud and the Virgin

Ada has been waiting for years and she has finally chosen to lose her virginity. Yet two of her friends have very strong opinions about it.

Legend of the Realms Chapter 2

Sphene couldn’t get the image out of her head. The sky had been gray and the wind chilled her to the bone. The practitioner spoke words that had grown so familiar to Sphene that she had decided to simply not listen. She tried to force herself to feel anything, but she didn’t. Standing at the feet of the sea, she saw the bodies as they floated off to the horizon. Twelve, she had counted. The body of Petra and the ones of twelve soldiers that had tried to save her.

Queen of Lights part 2

Harriet wasn’t sure why she had been so afraid the first time she met her mother. She tried to focused on the white walls of the castle and tried to paint them with the colors she remembered from the in-between. A man escorted her through more white rooms than she could count. She wasn’t thinking about her mother at all as she walked through them. She had thought for so long that her mother was dead, that she wouldn’t believe otherwise until she saw it for herself. To her, this was no different than meeting her mother in a dream, and not much more real either.

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