R. Morgan Stories

fantasy, death, and dreams

The Other Side Coffeehouse

“Welcome to The Other Side Coffeehouse!” Ferdinand exclaimed, “May I take your order?” The girl jumped back at the sound of his voice. She looked around the shop for a moment. Ferdinand raised an eyebrow, “Miss, your order?” She shook... Continue Reading →

La Tierra y El Sol

El Sol y La Tierra alguna vez fueron amantes. El Sol amaba a La Tierra. Miraba a La Tierra día tras día. Veía como giraba y bailaba en frente de las estrellas. Amaba el verde de su cabello y el... Continue Reading →

New York Nights

Three vignettes of the nights I remember the most in New York

Characters’ Psychology: Life Through Crises

As a psychology student, I often use the theories I learn about to further develop my characters, who they are, and how they came to be this way. Summer is around the corner and since I have a lot of free... Continue Reading →

In the forest

Melissa’s cheeks were red like roses. Her teeth chattered inside her mouth. Her hair was covered in a light layer of snowflakes. She pulled on her coat as she forced her way through the snow. Her knees shook under the... Continue Reading →


Warning - Adult Content "It was a Monday night that Emma poured herself a glass of wine. Her hands were beginning to crack from the dish soap that had become a second skin to them..."

Golden Trigger – Part One

Silent Shot Flashes of last night appear on my memory with the sound of each gunshot. The music, the dancing, the blurred faces, the blood on my skin. I press my finger against the trigger. I follow the bullet until... Continue Reading →

Liquid Gold – Golden Trigger excerpt

I find myself at midtown Manhattan. The tarot store on the street corner has blue lights that seem to resemble the shining color of the waves. They form the name Midnight, a black hole with one white eye. I walk... Continue Reading →

The Meeting – Children of the Gods Excerpt

Lily’s father never hid anything from her. She knew that she had been found in a lake of lilies and had been named after them. She knew that until she began to talk, he had tried to sell her but... Continue Reading →

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